3D Printing the “Uomo Vitruviano”

Uomo Vitruviano

In Design for Craft we observe carefully the potential and the evolution of 3D printing. One of the scenarios where this technology can play an important role is in the cultural heritage communication in which the humanistic approach can be a valuable tool for knowledge (survey, conservation and restoration) and its disclosure thanks to digital reproduction’s technologies.
The traveling exhibition-show “Perfecto e Virtuale” offers the visitor the discovery of the Vitruvian Man in its deep and huge significance through new technological devices and innovative experiences. One of these experiences is the knowledge of the Vitruvian Man as an object in its three dimensions thanks to the techniques of digital prototyping.
Design for Craft is one of the technological partners of the exhibition; we’ll show a three-dimensional model of huge definition and descriptive accuracy achieved with the technique of laser stereolithography (SLA). This 3D model has been manufactured thanks to the construction of an high detailed 3D virtual model (by Fabio Severini), based on the deep and accurate scan of the original document of Leonardo, acquired (for the first time) in High Resolution. In addition we’ll perform a live 3D print session thanks to an high end FDM 3D printer (Delta Wasp): you’ll see truly the Vitruvian Man rising up in front of you.

Perfecto e Virtuale