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Objects with your personal silhouette

We think that the future of 3D printing in both the mix of craftsmanship and technology. In this case we have combined the potential of our PowerWasp with the knowledge of concrete based materials to obtain innovative objects.
Our first design for a “Personal Product” starts with the shilouette of your face: we want to turn it into an object! So we’re developing a design process that starts from your portrait’s profile (that becomes into a path for create a revolution solid in 3D) and transforms it into a formwork for a lamp, or a vase, or… something else.
The production method begins with the 3d printing of the formwork (PLA) that is used for molding the vase with a concrete specifically made for design objects. This molding operation is not a common solution because we’re going to centrifuge the concrete into this formwork! We’re at work.


Open and Personal Production

(R)evolution in the design problem solving process is possible? We’re thinking about how it could happen.

First: Personal Production. No more mass customization but objects designed AD PERSONAM; one person, one product. The figure of customer is becoming more and more related with other roles: citizen, prosumer, producer, etc… Open Design means we can all become designers and manufacturers. And we can do it TOGETHER.

Between these two scenarios we can find multiple paths to choose in the next future; we are surely near to live a relevant change.
Speaking to entrepreneurs, designers and ordinary people we decided to prepare a short Prezi presentation that can explain these phenomena.
Here it is.



Brand new POWERWASP!

A few days ago we were at the CSP Massa Lombarda (Imola), where we spoke with the founder, Massimo Moretti. He is the true inventor, a person full of energy and positive ideas that created the PowerWasp. CSP is more than a “geek lab”, it’s an uncommon place for design services and innovations. For example: Massimo showed us the prototype of an “house printer”. In collaboration with the University of Lima (Perù), Massimo is thinking a new machine: a printer (Rostock) for printing economic houses with mud and straw.


About PowerWasp: it’s a very unique tool; it can be a 3D printer, a cutter, a ceramic extrusor or a scanner… Impressive! Its performances as a 3D Printer are wonderful: high speed, great resolution, big printable objects; that’s why we choose to buy it.


E-motional vase


Months ago I visited a showroom in Milan where I met Alessandro Ciffo and his wonderful creations; objects beautiful for proportions and construction technique (made in silicone), with a physical consistency similar to that of an organism of the animal kingdom. These objects react to the touch with a vibrating motion and oscillatory, vaguely hypnotic, just like with soft tissues. It seemed to me the vase had its own life.
The relationship we have with objects and places in nature becomes “emotional” when they can evoke in us emotional phenomena. This can happen in many ways: through the evocation of a memory, an emotion, establishing a two-way relationship.

E-motional vase
We equipped one of these vases (the video was shooted during a time of testing) with a kinematic system electronically piloted by which the object reacts to the human voice with a sort of “tremulous thrill”. The most common response from those who have had the opportunity to interact with the object has been: wow! Something between amusement and surprise; in particular, I noticed that the latter, over time, tends to become a familiar.
This vase could become something like a pet. Syndrome Tamagotchi?


INTERACTION DESIGN | arch. Carlo De Mattia
ENGINEERING | ing. Emanuele Frontoni (Grottini Lab)
SILICONE VASE | Alessandro Ciffo