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Maker Faire 2015


ITA: Per il terzo anno consecutivo Design for Craft sarà presente alla Maker Faire, il più importante spettacolo dell’innovazione al mondo. Quest’anno l’evento si svolgerà dal 16 al 18 ottobre 2015 a “La Sapienza” Università di Roma che diventerà, per l’occasione, una vera e propria “città del futuro”.
Mostreremo i risultati delle nostre esperienze di innovazione nei processi e nei materiali, destinati alla digitale manufacturing e non solo. In primis Smoothbot; una macchina desktop per maker e artigiani in grado di eliminare l’effetto superficiale microrigato, tipico della stampa 3d e della manifattura additiva in generale.
Mycelia, invece, è un programma di ricerca per applicazioni produttive innovative pienamente biocompatibili grazie all’utilizzo dei miceli...

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IMG_9862 (1)

The demand for materials and production processes widely biocompatible grows and is a stable trend in the way of industrial production. Design for Craft works on the technology transfer related to the world of digital manufacturing and beyond. One of our latest experiences is the production of objects (prototypes and models) derived from cultured mycelia, in other words the growth apparatus of mushrooms. Their cultivation, under controlled conditions, can lead to the growth of reticular biological structures.

The result is a material with interesting performances, also for industrial uses and totally biological in the production  and disposal phase...

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Product design could be 3d printing oriented?


The answer is yes. Design for Craft has always worked as a partner of the companies providing support, advice and research with the clear objective to integrate the potential of 3D printing practices in design, production and marketing. Our recent works on product design, developed for two different clients; they are two case studies to understand how the digital manufactoring can change the way in which the products can be designed, manufactured and marketed.

UR Independent Sound® was born as an experimental product between personal production and mass production, made for the italian brand Sinfoni. The concept behind it is the translation of a “Made in Italy” Hi-Fi system for cars into your Personal Home Hi-Fi with outstanding performance, integrated with LED lamps.
The shape is insp...

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3D Printing the “Uomo Vitruviano”

Uomo Vitruviano

In Design for Craft we observe carefully the potential and the evolution of 3D printing. One of the scenarios where this technology can play an important role is in the cultural heritage communication in which the humanistic approach can be a valuable tool for knowledge (survey, conservation and restoration) and its disclosure thanks to digital reproduction’s technologies.
The traveling exhibition-show “Perfecto e Virtuale” offers the visitor the discovery of the Vitruvian Man in its deep and huge significance through new technological devices and innovative experiences. One of these experiences is the knowledge of the Vitruvian Man as an object in its three dimensions thanks to the techniques of digital prototyping.
Design for Craft is one of the technological partners of the exhibition; ...

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On July 18, was held in Marzocca (on the Adriatic coast of Italy), the fourth edition of the “Demanio Marittimo”, a one-night of culture under the stars at the seaside in which architects, designers, creatives and enthusiasts gather to discuss until ‘dawn.
Design for Craft was a guest with Denis Santachiara and Ronen Kadushin; we entertained the audience with some interesting news of 3D printing. Our speech, in particular, has been centered on the new research scenarios that open in the contact between architecture and technologies of “cold extrusion” in 3d printing.


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PLA High Strenght

Copia di Banner PLA HS

The PLA is the most widely used material for 3D printing FFF all over the world. Its greatest value is, in our opinion, the ease with which it allows to get good printing results. However, it’s not definitely considered one of the best plastic materials to create objects and products … For this reason we believe it is important to provide it with better performance, without sacrificing the quality of its printing at all; so here’s the PLA HS (High Strength). This new Stick Filament, composed of PLA and mineral fillers, allows to have a considerable resistance to thermal stress and superior resistance to bending and torsion. In WWW.STICKFILAMENT.COM site you’ll find the technical specifications but now we want to tell you about a couple of tests with which we have been able to verify the ...

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We’ll be at MECSPE 2014


This will be the week of MECSPE (from 27th to 29th of march), the reference exhibition for the manufacturing industry, the meeting point between production technologies and industrial supply chains in Italy. Design for Craft will be in the 3d print Hub, an international appointment to identify trends and development of 3D where we’ll show you some of our latest research on materials for FFF 3d printing. We’ll perform a speech the 27th at 16pm: “FROM MAKERS OF OBJECTS TO MAKERS OF MATERIALS: FILAMENT ON DEMAND PRINTING 3D.” We’ll be happy to meet you there.

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Marble Stick Filament

Our research on new materials for 3d printing is on the go. So here’s a new material called Marble. It’s awesome for crafts and all the objects that has to be finished because you can smooth it and paint easy, it just like plaster! Our Marble material contains marble powder and could be printed at 200°C without any problem (with heated bed at a low temperature). It comes in the Stick Filament format, now in 3.0 mm and soon in 1.75 mm

Marble Sand

The Saffo’s statue as it’s been printed, smoothed and, finally, painted

As you can see in the video below, Marble  is ideal for hobbyists and for craft works because you can work its “chalky” surface with various tools. It will be available for purchasing in www.stickfilament.com very soon.


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The 1.75 mm Stick Filament is born!

Vinz vase

Lots of people asked for the 1.75 mm version of the Stick Filament. Here it is! This is the first print test with this new baby child in our family: a 1.75 mm stick in HIPS. Soon we’ll have it in ABS, PLA and the other materials previously available for the 3 mm. We plan to have it ready for the market soon.

First test with 1.75 mm

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Stick Filament works everywhere

3D printing pen

Finally we have a 3Doodler pen in our lab. It works fine and we enjoy making stuff so we have tested it with our Stick Filament and… the pen is easier to use! Yes, with normal filaments supplied bundled with the pen you must stop each time the filament ends. This happens very quickly and is quite annoying. With Stick Filaments, instead, just join together the extremities in order to have a continuous printing without any problems. Great!


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