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Maker Faire 2015


ITA: Per il terzo anno consecutivo Design for Craft sarà presente alla Maker Faire, il più importante spettacolo dell’innovazione al mondo. Quest’anno l’evento si svolgerà dal 16 al 18 ottobre 2015 a “La Sapienza” Università di Roma che diventerà, per l’occasione, una vera e propria “città del futuro”.
Mostreremo i risultati delle nostre esperienze di innovazione nei processi e nei materiali, destinati alla digitale manufacturing e non solo. In primis Smoothbot; una macchina desktop per maker e artigiani in grado di eliminare l’effetto superficiale microrigato, tipico della stampa 3d e della manifattura additiva in generale.
Mycelia, invece, è un programma di ricerca per applicazioni produttive innovative pienamente biocompatibili grazie all’utilizzo dei miceli...

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IMG_9862 (1)

The demand for materials and production processes widely biocompatible grows and is a stable trend in the way of industrial production. Design for Craft works on the technology transfer related to the world of digital manufacturing and beyond. One of our latest experiences is the production of objects (prototypes and models) derived from cultured mycelia, in other words the growth apparatus of mushrooms. Their cultivation, under controlled conditions, can lead to the growth of reticular biological structures.

The result is a material with interesting performances, also for industrial uses and totally biological in the production  and disposal phase...

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On July 18, was held in Marzocca (on the Adriatic coast of Italy), the fourth edition of the “Demanio Marittimo”, a one-night of culture under the stars at the seaside in which architects, designers, creatives and enthusiasts gather to discuss until ‘dawn.
Design for Craft was a guest with Denis Santachiara and Ronen Kadushin; we entertained the audience with some interesting news of 3D printing. Our speech, in particular, has been centered on the new research scenarios that open in the contact between architecture and technologies of “cold extrusion” in 3d printing.


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PLA High Strenght

Copia di Banner PLA HS

The PLA is the most widely used material for 3D printing FFF all over the world. Its greatest value is, in our opinion, the ease with which it allows to get good printing results. However, it’s not definitely considered one of the best plastic materials to create objects and products … For this reason we believe it is important to provide it with better performance, without sacrificing the quality of its printing at all; so here’s the PLA HS (High Strength). This new Stick Filament, composed of PLA and mineral fillers, allows to have a considerable resistance to thermal stress and superior resistance to bending and torsion. In WWW.STICKFILAMENT.COM site you’ll find the technical specifications but now we want to tell you about a couple of tests with which we have been able to verify the ...

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The 1.75 mm Stick Filament is born!

Vinz vase

Lots of people asked for the 1.75 mm version of the Stick Filament. Here it is! This is the first print test with this new baby child in our family: a 1.75 mm stick in HIPS. Soon we’ll have it in ABS, PLA and the other materials previously available for the 3 mm. We plan to have it ready for the market soon.

First test with 1.75 mm

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We are on Indiegogo!

Stick Filaments

Hi folks,
great news from Design for Craft. From today we start a campaign on Indiegogo for the Stick Filaments.
We have developed the system with our resources in the last months, we tested it and we are glad to say that the results are incredibles. Anyway we want to develop it and make it affordable for everyone. Now, we need your help for take Stick Filament to the next step: the full production.
This system doesn’t want to replace the spool, but to increase the range of available colors and innovative materials. We think Stick Filaments are the best choice for desktop 3D printing and special manufacturing.
Someone think that Stick Filament’s main characteristic is the easy use and the multicolor printing with one hot end but there’s a lot more… Thanks to the Stick’s production proces...

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Filaments for food


We took advantage of the Christmas holidays for dabbling in the kitchen and, of course, having fun with our 3D printer. We made a stencil in HIPS for food with Stick Filament and we prepared an excellent mixture of ginger.
At the end of our biscuits are good and beautiful! 😉

DfC Biscuits

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Stick Filaments ready to go!

Stick Filament PLA

We worked hard for a wonderful Stick Filament launching site and now… here it is! Stick Filament is a innovative 3d printing format for plastic filaments with many “pro”.

EASY, because you can load the filament in the 3d print simply avoiding any twisting;
COMFORTABLE, because you can have a tidy desktop;
COLORED, because you can print multicolor objects from the same extruder;
CHEAP, because you can buy small quantity of filament also with the choise of more colours;
WISE, because you can reduce as much as possible the wasting of not used filament;
TECHNOLOGICAL, because Stick filament could be produced with many different materials, difficult to find in spool;
SMART, because you can customize materials and colours on demand.

From today you can pre-order them in our new site in three dif...

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New materials for 3D Printing: Cellulose acetate

Cellulose acetate

Our efforts to look for new materials ad hoc for 3D printing are bringing significant results through the use of Stick Filament.

Today we present the Cellulose acetate. It is an ancient material, early versions date from the second half of 800, with rich applications nowadays: eye glasses, for example. We are testing it, obviously in stick format, in order to verify its limits and potential. The first tests are very good: excellent print quality (even without hot bed), no shrinkage and warping, excellent mechanical resistance of the press. And finally, it also can be water-soluble! Not bad…

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The upgrading of ourself


Design for Craft supports the National Convention of Spina Bifida organized by AMISB (October 27th, 2013 in Civitanova Marche). Spina bifida is a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube. We want to send a message that we hope will be helpful to many. The increasing diffusion of technology “open” and digital fabrication can give a real contribution to the solution of some problems of the disability, but few are aware of that outside of the maker’s world.
In this site, we have shown some examples for the upgrading of everyday objects...

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