Talking about 3d printing


As you know we are very active in spreading the possibilities that the digital fabrication offers to the business world but also to all citizens. For this reason we have decided to support 3dHubs, the largest network of 3D printers in the world. In this way we believe we can spread the makers culture and, at the same time, help raise awareness among companies and startups about 3d printing. We hope you’ll follow us in our adventure in this amazing world!


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We’ll be at MECSPE 2014


This will be the week of MECSPE (from 27th to 29th of march), the reference exhibition for the manufacturing industry, the meeting point between production technologies and industrial supply chains in Italy. Design for Craft will be in the 3d print Hub, an international appointment to identify trends and development of 3D where we’ll show you some of our latest research on materials for FFF 3d printing. We’ll perform a speech the 27th at 16pm: “FROM MAKERS OF OBJECTS TO MAKERS OF MATERIALS: FILAMENT ON DEMAND PRINTING 3D.” We’ll be happy to meet you there.

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Marble Stick Filament

Our research on new materials for 3d printing is on the go. So here’s a new material called Marble. It’s awesome for crafts and all the objects that has to be finished because you can smooth it and paint easy, it just like plaster! Our Marble material contains marble powder and could be printed at 200°C without any problem (with heated bed at a low temperature). It comes in the Stick Filament format, now in 3.0 mm and soon in 1.75 mm

Marble Sand

The Saffo’s statue as it’s been printed, smoothed and, finally, painted

As you can see in the video below, Marble  is ideal for hobbyists and for craft works because you can work its “chalky” surface with various tools. It will be available for purchasing in very soon.


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The 1.75 mm Stick Filament is born!

Vinz vase

Lots of people asked for the 1.75 mm version of the Stick Filament. Here it is! This is the first print test with this new baby child in our family: a 1.75 mm stick in HIPS. Soon we’ll have it in ABS, PLA and the other materials previously available for the 3 mm. We plan to have it ready for the market soon.

First test with 1.75 mm

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Wax Filament in Beta Test

We are printing with wax. Yes, sir!
As we say often, the Stick Filament’s system allows to print with 3d printers using new materials, that are not possible to find with extruded filaments (spools). Infact this is a brand new filament (wax based) for FFF 3d printing and here we show you one of our first prints.
We are still in beta testing but just a few words about the printing process: it requires low temperature (about 120/130°C), low speed and works well with a medium size of the noozle.
We are sure you can understand the importance of such a thing and, maybe, you’re thinking the same stuff we have in our own mind: lost wax production. After the first prints we have to try to cast objects with this production process. Then we’ll be ready for release this new Stick Filament.
We’ll let ...

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Data sheets

Stick Filament

We receive lots of questions about the Stick Filament’s technology and characteristics. Here we provide the technical specifications of this materials for FFF 3d printing.

Data Sheet


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Stick Filament works everywhere

3D printing pen

Finally we have a 3Doodler pen in our lab. It works fine and we enjoy making stuff so we have tested it with our Stick Filament and… the pen is easier to use! Yes, with normal filaments supplied bundled with the pen you must stop each time the filament ends. This happens very quickly and is quite annoying. With Stick Filaments, instead, just join together the extremities in order to have a continuous printing without any problems. Great!


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We are on Indiegogo!

Stick Filaments

Hi folks,
great news from Design for Craft. From today we start a campaign on Indiegogo for the Stick Filaments.
We have developed the system with our resources in the last months, we tested it and we are glad to say that the results are incredibles. Anyway we want to develop it and make it affordable for everyone. Now, we need your help for take Stick Filament to the next step: the full production.
This system doesn’t want to replace the spool, but to increase the range of available colors and innovative materials. We think Stick Filaments are the best choice for desktop 3D printing and special manufacturing.
Someone think that Stick Filament’s main characteristic is the easy use and the multicolor printing with one hot end but there’s a lot more… Thanks to the Stick’s production proces...

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We are shipping

First stock

Hi, we are proud to say that, finally, we start shipping our early pre-orders for the Stick Filaments. Within the 25th january we plan to complete all the shipment of the pre-orders  we collected until 11th january. Thank you for supporting our idea!

Start shipping

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ABS ultraclear

Usually we prefer to develop new materials not yet common in the market of 3D printing but there is still room for innovation even the most used materials, such as PLA and ABS. So we have some new Stick Filament in beta testing; we are talking about transparency and brilliance. Here are two photos of our PLA Ultrabright and ABS Ultraclear, both offer very good results. With ABS Ultraclear you’ll have an outstanding transparency and PLA Ultrabright prints better providing a strong cooling during the printing.

PLA ultrabright

ABS ultraclear

Please note that we don’t use frequently ABS, intact primary gas-phase products of ABS thermal decomposition at very high temperatures have been shown to include carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, as well as a variety of volatile organics...

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